Atta is smiling in an orange chair in front of a gray wall. Atta is a Persian nonbinary person with a shaved head and a short dark beard. They wear a gray tweed jacket, a dark patterned top, and black pants.

Atta Zahedi

Access Living of Metro Chicago
Public Relations Coordinator

Atta Zahedi is currently the PR Coordinator at Access Living, where they amplify and uphold narratives of disabled people. They have degrees in biomedical engineering and business and works to dispel hurtful perspectives of disabled people as an engineering and media consultant. As PR Coordinator, they continue to do so by partnering with media organizations and amplifying stories.

They are intrigued by science fiction and fantasy and have also published several pieces at the intersection of entrepreneurship, design, and disability. Atta's background also includes being an editor and mentor at Cripple Media, a magazine by and for disabled youth.

Arts and Culture, Community Inclusion, Disability
Arts and Culture, Marketing/Communications, Public Relations