Elisabeth is smiling in front of a black background. She is a Latinx woman with short and dark shoulder-length hair. She wears a white dress and holds a brown violin as she sits.

Elisabeth Johnson

Kennedy King College
Student/Work Study

Elisabeth Johnson is a Brazilian-American violinist, musician, and artist based in Chicago. Given her disability, her (re-in)vision(ment) hopes to incorporate her past experiences performing music and teaching music with the skills she developed for self-advocacy.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Musicology/Violin Performance from Roosevelt University School of the Performing Arts. She is working toward an advanced certification as a Racial Healing Practitioner at Kennedy King College, hoping to be a Fellow at the Disability Lead Institute.

Elisabeth Johnson aspires to create initiatives for accessibility within community, institutional, academic, socio-economic, gender, and healthcare frontiers DEI.

Culture, Disability, Civil Rights
Arts and Culture, Education, Civil Rights