Tim stands smiling in front of a light gray - brown background. He has short dark brown hair and has slight facial hair. He wears a cream blazer and turtle neck and has a black and silver cross around his neck.

Tim Granzow

Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago
Senior Personal Assistant Training Coordinator

Tim Granzow is a rising leader in the disability community. Despite experiencing much turmoil growing up, Tim is thriving as an individual with autism. One accomplishment he is most proud of to date is the role he held at a community college in mentoring first-year students. Tim is an ordained elder, serving on the ministerial board at Greater Harvest Baptist Church, which is based in Chicago. Outside of serving in ministry and advocating for people with disabilities, Tim loves to travel to different locales on a yearly basis. He lives in Chicago with his mother, sister, and a lovely cat named Mittens.

Community Inclusion, Disability, Education
Education, Health and Human Services, Nonprofit Administration