Shape a more inclusive, just, and equitable society with Disability Lead

Risa Jaz-Rifkind
March 25, 2020

Are you leading with your disability?

Are you invested in your disability identity?

Have you held leadership positions at work or in your community?

Are you looking for more connection with others with disabilities?

If you self-identify as having a disability and answered yes to any of the questions, then we want YOU to join as a Member of our network of positive disrupters who are shaping a more inclusive, just, and equitable society! For more eligibility criteria, go to our Membership information page.

Disability Lead Members are bringing forward their disability identity in their work and in their passions to make sure that disability is included when addressing our society’s most pressing issues, including right now as our world faces the impact of COVID-19. We know that we cannot solve our most critical issues if we are not taking disability into account. And we need you to bring this lens to whatever tables of power and influence you might sit at now or in the future.

Members benefit from each other, events, and networking opportunities through the Network and our resources and connections through our Connections program. Here are some thoughts shared by our Members.

Vanessa Harris leads with her disability identity:

“We do this because our lives matter just as much as those without disabilities. I look forward to joining one of the local government’s advisory councils with my 30 years of experience as a licensed environmental engineer and community activist.”

Benjamin Salentine explores his disability identity:

“Being a Member of Disability Lead has provided me with greater breadth and depth of knowledge related to the disability community. Disability Lead programs serve to foster diversity of perspective and inclusion in various arenas within society. As a Member, Disability Lead has offered the requisite opportunities to expand participation in professional and personal experiences of interest. The networking opportunities and resources provided have stimulated further desire to expand my reach and become an agent of change in the community.”

Michelle Friedman accesses leadership positions beyond her community:

“I have served in leadership in my community for many years, but by becoming a Member of Disability Lead, I’ve had the opportunity to share my expertise and experience outside of my community as well.”

Rachel Arfa shares the benefits of connecting with other leaders with disabilities:

“I am so fortunate to be a part of this network—I learn so much from the different leaders that I meet, who in turn help me to continue to advance my own leadership and awareness. I love attending Member events and seeing fellow Members who work in all different areas across our region.”
A small group discussion including one using a cane and one using wheelchairs.
Disability Lead Member Andre Johnson mid-conversation

Your Turn to Lead

Disability Lead Members are diverse emerging and established leaders with disabilities from all walks of life. And we hope you will consider joining our network as well. To learn more and to submit your application, visit our apply page.